Overview of the Slot Game Katmandu Gold

Although this is just Kane’s fifth Gold installment, it represents a major stride forward for developer ELK, since it is the first of their games to provide a bonus purchase option. Some people are hesitant to use a brand new function for the first time. Some people, however, choose to just close their eyes and go headfirst into the unknown. It suggests a two-option bonus-buy strategy, maybe influenced by Nolimit City. Katmandu Gold’s unique selling point isn’t limited to its large initial investment. It has a beautiful setting, some fun extras, and the most potential of any Gold slot we’ve seen thus far.

A word to the grammar police: “Katmandu” is an acceptable alternative spelling of “Kathmandu,” as it is simply an earlier English variant. The metropolis at the base of the Himalayas is the capital of Nepal. Our hero Kane has sought refuge here. The poor guy has been traveling the world over in pursuit of lost treasure, and he’s now made it to the mountain kingdom to relax and recharge. Kane, being Kane, has stumbled onto ancient rumors of temple gold, just as he usually does by tumbling backwards into success. He should not be intending on stealing sacred objects from the temple.

Katmandu Gold continues ELK’s trend of doing a great job of placing games in offbeat locales during the Gold Series. Two Buddhist-inspired pillars frame the standard 6-reel, 4,096-way-to-win action area, while in the distance, a temple in an exotic location is illuminated by the Himalayan sun. The temple is hidden until the bonus round is played. A huge oriental door is now hiding it till that time. When rows are added or deleted from the stack, the view dynamically zooms in and out, much like the other slots in the range. ELK deserves praise for making a one-of-a-kind scene that works so well with the music.

Katmandu may be played from 20 pence to $100 or €100 each spin, regardless of the device you’re using. The accompanying facts are just as appealing as the images. Depending on whether or not the bonus purchase is used, three different RTPs are generated. The base rating is 96.2%; with the basic feature buy, it increases to 96.3%; and during the Buy Super Bonus, it reaches 96.4%. As much as anything else, ELK has increased the potential, and the volatility of 7 out of 10 is significant without being too so. About as many features as there are chakras keep the action moving, coupled with a hit frequency of 22.4%.

When three or more identical symbols fall in a row from left to right at the beginning of a drop, a winning combination is produced. There are several of them, with the letters J through A representing the lowest salary, the elements earth through water representing the middle, and the turtle, tiger, dragon, and Kane representing the highest. All six premiums are worth between 2 and 4 times the initial investment. Last but not least, we have the wild, which may replace any other icon outside the bonus and the Ice Climber.

Benefits of Playing Katmandu Gold Slot

One of the best things about the Gold Series is how frequently new and interesting features are introduced. Even if they aren’t always hits, ELK always gives it their best go. Players in Katmandu Gold may take advantage of avalanches, big symbols, ice climbers, expanding wins, free drops with multipliers, and the game’s new Buy Feature.

At its heart are avalanches, which occur after each victory and wipe off the winning symbols to make room for the new ones to fall and give players another opportunity to win. The grid is expanded by one more row, for a total of eight levels. As long as victories keep piling up, avalanches will keep happening.

Big Symbols are a favorite of ELK’s, so they made sure to incorporate them here as well. Simply said, Big Symbols are any symbols larger than a standard 1×1, 2×2, 3×3, or 4×4 that can appear on any symbol drop.

Keep an eye out for the Ice Climber, a symbol that looks like Yin and Yang. The Ice Climber function is activated on a 2 result. Wilds and high-paying symbols will fill in any vacant spots above the Ice Climbers, and the Ice Climbers themselves will fill in any empty positions below them. If the Ice Climber is activated on the eighth row, an extra row is added, increasing the number of possible winning combinations to 531,441.

A gold arrow may appear above, below, or in the middle of a pay symbol or wild when it lands. The Winning Symbol That Grows As It Wins. Once utilized to create a victory, these symbols will grow in the direction of the arrow, replacing any and all other symbols they come into contact with.

If you get three or more bonus symbols during a drop sequence, you’ll be treated to some free drops, which is the major attraction. When 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols appear, you win 10, 15, 20, or 25 extra spins. Retriggering free drops is possible as well. The bonus round operates slightly differently than in previous Gold games. The winnings multiplier for this one is x1. If a ‘X’ bonus symbol appears, the multiplier will rise by 1.

There are two choices for the bonus purchase, which is the last component. The first is the standard cost of 100 times the stake to get three to six bonus symbols on the subsequent spin. The Buy Super Bonus awards 3–6 bonus symbols and a starting win multiplier of 10x. However, this one is not inexpensive. The Super Buy Bonus requires a wager of 500x the initial wager.

The Case for Slots in Katmandu Gold

Katmandu Gold suggests that the Gold Series still has plenty of steam. The team has not only discovered a fresh setting in which to immerse players, but also created some fantastic additions to the game. Katmandu Gold is the greatest installment in the series thus yet, and it brings something fresh to the table.

Most importantly, Katmandu Gold continues the Gold Series’ tradition of increasing the number of winning rows and paylines when a sequence of winning combinations is formed. It’s exciting to make it to the eighth row, and having a ninth one stashed away to detonate if necessary adds an extra level of excitement. Big Symbols and Expanding Win Symbols are only two examples of the many random features in the game that might result in a slew of wins. There may be stretches of non-moving spins, but you should never lose hope since you never know when the drop will come that will alter the course of events.

Free spins with a win multiplier are the key to unlocking Katmandu Gold’s full potential. In raw numbers, the best possible outcome is 10,000 times the initial wager. While omitting the safety-level method may be lamented, the addition of a multiplier more than makes up for this. This brings us to the new ELK Bonus Buy feature, which has the potential to be the most divisive element of the game. It’s common practice to pay 100x for free spins, but the Super version costs 500x. The first time we triggered it, 6 bonus symbols landed for the full 25 drops, so we know that the multiplier does indeed start at 10x. However, its high cost practically puts it in Deadwood territory, so it should be treated with caution.

To sum up, ELK has taken the best parts of the previous four Gold titles and built upon them, introduced new features, and enhanced the audiovisual experience to create a very enjoyable game. This is the largest model in the wildly successful series. The expectation for what ELK may accomplish in the sixth installment is skyrocketed by Katmandu Gold. Where on Earth will we locate Kane next is the million dollar question.






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